Tsitsikamma Zip Line Tours

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You can find a lot of new ways to experience the splendor and beauty of the Garden Route as well as Tsitsikamma, and zip lining waterfalls in freefall crossing the black waters of the river underneath is definitely a unique adventure.


Located 8 kilometers from the Storms River Bridge over the N2, Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure Park provides breathtaking Zipline experience glides all over the Kruis River. Tsitsikamma is renowned because of its adventure activities and some of the locations that offer adrenalin-filled fun will be full of a variety of languages. The zip line tour on Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures continues to be a popular choice for all ages.

Simply imagine a zip line tour as a modern foil slide. Then again, it’s a lot faster, safer, lengthier and much more frightening compared to the old wire-across-the-river-and-jump-before-you-hit-the-pole kind of fun! Luckily for us, the people at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures put your safety above anything else, thus you’ll wear a harness as well as the helmet.

An experienced, very helpful and skilled guide can also be available to make sure you enjoy yourself while staying safe – or else the majority of us wouldn’t recognize how to operate the various harness clasps, clips, locks, loops as well as straps.ziplining

The zip line is composed of 8 slides, which the longest is about 211 meters. You could glide on cables across the river gorge, up to 50 meters over the water in certain areas. Every segment offers its very own excitement, experience, wonders and wonderful scenery over native Tsitsikamma wildlife and plants. Users are able to regulate the speed of their own descent, letting them stop in the middle cable to capture a few of the amazing scenery on top of the waterfalls. The guides give fascinating remarks regarding the spot as clients cross the waterfalls and gorge.

You will find there’s a suspension bridge around a number of the deepest water, which can be an incredible 20 meters deep in some areas. Traversing across the swaying bridge is, by itself, thrilling, but more so offering spectacular scenery within a slow speed. You can also have a chance to talk to the guides and inquire them some questions. They are fully aware of the great spots of this region and are, therefore, can definitely contribute a lot of information about your Tsitsikamma experience.


The region along river banks are filled with local trees such as yellowwoods. The Sundew plant(Drosera), a type of carnivorous plant can be found also here. Birds are plentiful as well as the incredibly elusive Knysna Loerie is spotted very often. Dassies(Rock rabbits) are also in existence. The views shifts while you zip along and it is incredible and covered with witelspeak simply 5 kilometers to the north-east. Witelspeak is dominating around the Tsitsikamma mountain range which is towards the north.

As soon as you arrive at the 8th ride, you’re more comfortable and much less thrilling and could only watch the beautiful views and make use of the camera to capture the grand landscape of the valley.


The guides, of course, have their own camera which can be provided to you (with a fee) of your very own zip lining tour and could even put it on a DVD.  The guides are aware of photo opportunities, making sure that they catch the very best portions of your experience as being a happy memory.

Tsitsikamma Adventures also features abseiling, that is a drop of 36 meters right into a scenic fern cove down below. Both of these experiences could be bundled within a package option for all those seeking to check their limitations and have their adrenalin pumping.

You’re in the most lovely regions of South Africa so as you speed above the air always remember to view the surroundings, hear the cry of the Fish Eagle and watch out for the elusive Knysna Lourie among the treetops.

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