5 Top Activities In Knysna

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Knysna is a town in the center of South Africa’s gorgeous Garden Route simply East of Cape Town. Knysna can be found located in between the Outeniqua Mountains as well as the Indian Ocean. Knysna has two times been chosen as South Africa’s number 1 favored town, and of course for a valid reason. This is a welcoming, vibrant town with plenty of adventures and scenery. Simply don’t go throughout the summer holidays in mid-December to early January because it gets very congested and costs increase two times.

1. Have Fun with the Beach

Knysna rests within a charming scenery filled with fantastic natural splendor. Having its huge tidal estuary, rising sandstone cliffs, pristine sandy beaches, vibrant history as well as excellent accommodations, Knysna provides all of the elements you require to get a romantic retreat or beach vacation in South Africa.


Try swimming or surfboarding around the dazzling and capturing white-sand beaches of Buffels Bay Beach. Go kayaking around the protected marine environments of the Knysna Lagoon and sunbathe alongside a pool around the white sands of Bolards Beach at Leisure Isle.

2.Find Peace within a Forest

Knysna is flanked by sections of state forest by which you can find trails of different lengths.  Knysna Forest – in certain areas are very thick that it borders on impassable -, is really a splendid blend of historical trees, both exotic and native. Creepers, tree ferns, flowers as well as the elusive Knysna lourie, its call heard more frequently than it’s seen, are also found in the forest .Get a roadmap at Knysna Tourism and and also a permit in the forest entrance.


In case you are a biker, there are lots of tracks to discover on the state forests. You could go for unescorted trekking, bicycling, kayaking, kiting, as well as surfboarding trips in South Africa’s magnificent Garden Route.

3. Go to the Knysna Elephant Park

Knysna’s numerous animal sanctuaries are worthy of a trip, particularly if you are going along with kids. Probably the most enjoyable and renowned of them is the Knysna Elephant Park, that provides the chance to feed and get up close to such spectacular creatures, that once wandered free around the Knysna forests.


The Knysna Elephant Park was the very first center around South Africa to home and take care of orphaned African elephants. These days, it is becoming a world-class center, getting managed and grown over 40 elephants.

4. Take a ferry trip across the lagoon

Have a cruise trip all over the lagoon around the renowned John Benn or River Cat ferries. Such beautiful cruise trips leave the Waterfront or in the front of Cruise Café cafe, as well as take cruisers along the estuary towards the well known Heads and definitely will provide you with a wonderful and incredibly different viewpoint of Knysna such as Leisure Island, Thesen Islands, Featherbed Nature Reserve, as well as the Eastern and Western Heads.


You will ride a ferry boat over the estuary to Featherbed Nature Reserve, in which a 4 wheel drive brings you to magnificent views across the town’s well-known Heads. Native forests, as well as a plethora of birdlife, also make this town a must-see for nature enthusiasts.

5. Enjoy Knysna’s Delicious Oyster and Festival

The Knysna Oyster Festival is perhaps among the most well known yearly activities in the Western Cape.  Also, it is something of a special event for the good life and sport and has now happened annually since 1983, in which it started as the “Knysna Winter Festival” – a blend of sport which attracted individuals to Knysna over the peaceful wintertime.


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