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Knysna is South Africa’s paradise for awesome adventures. It provides a lot of stimulating things to do; bungee jumping, abseiling, paragliding, quad biking, microlite as well as power glider flights. Additionally canoeing, kayaking, black water tubing, bicycle tracks, paintball game, deep-sea diving and much more. Discover Knysna’s tourist attractions, fun-based activities as well as the lots of things in Knysna and around the Knysna area – from intense adventure activities to less severe family orientated activities. If adrenalin rush is your game along with spectacular landscape, then Knysna is the best place to be!

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A panoramic site, magnificent rooms, on-site activities, locally sourced dining, as well as functional meeting rooms are some of the reason why you should stay at The Wild Fig Hostel. The location sets over the center of Knysna with spectacular 180 degree panoramic views of the Knysna Lagoon, the renowned Heads, Leisure Island, Thesen Island as well as other envied views around South Africa. We’re within quick access to a number of excellent golf courses as well as a perfect base in the center of the Garden Route for beach locations, boat cruises, forest hikes, whale-watching, abseiling, animal sanctuaries and a lot more.

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The Wild Fig Hostel offers visitors an option for family holiday accommodation or private en-suite accommodation. You can select from different individually decorated en Suite rooms with private entrance and little patio. The Wild Fig Hostel facilities include: Barbecue facility in garden, Free Wi-fi, Communal living room with Satelite TV (DSTV), Free tea/coffee and morning snack, Clean Bathroom with showers, large lounge/kitchen, small private garden with veranda and many more. Safe on and off-street parking is also provided.

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5 Top Activities In Knysna

Knysna is a town in the center of South Africa's gorgeous Garden Route simply East of Cape Town. Knysna can be found located in between the Outeniqua Mountains as well as the Indian Ocean. Knysna has two times been chosen as South Africa's number 1 favored town, and of course for a valid reason. This is a welcoming, vibrant town with plenty of adventures and scenery. Simply don't go throughout the summer holidays in mid-December to early January because it gets very congested and costs increase two times.

1. Have Fun with the Beach

Knysna rests within a charming scenery filled with fantastic natural splendor. Having its huge tidal estuary, rising sandstone cliffs, pristine sandy beaches, vibrant history as well as excellent accommodations, Knysna provides all of the elements you require to get a romantic retreat or beach vacation in South Africa.


Try swimming or surfboarding around the dazzling and capturing white-sand beaches of Buffels Bay Beach. Go kayaking around the protected marine environments of the Knysna Lagoon and sunbathe alongside a pool around the white sands of Bolards Beach at Leisure Isle.

2.Find Peace within a Forest

Knysna is flanked by sections of state forest by which you can find trails of different lengths.  Knysna Forest - in certain areas are very thick that it borders on impassable -, is really a splendid blend of historical trees, both exotic and native. Creepers, tree ferns, flowers as well as the elusive Knysna lourie, its call heard more frequently than it's seen, are also found in the forest .Get a roadmap at Knysna Tourism and and also a permit in the forest entrance.


In case you are a biker, there are lots of tracks to discover on the state forests. You could go for unescorted trekking, bicycling, kayaking, kiting, as well as surfboarding trips in South Africa's magnificent Garden Route.

3. Go to the Knysna Elephant Park

Knysna’s numerous animal sanctuaries are worthy of a trip, particularly if you are going along with kids. Probably the most enjoyable and renowned of them is the Knysna Elephant Park, that provides the chance to feed and get up close to such spectacular creatures, that once wandered free around the Knysna forests.


The Knysna Elephant Park was the very first center around South Africa to home and take care of orphaned African elephants. These days, it is becoming a world-class center, getting managed and grown over 40 elephants.

4. Take a ferry trip across the lagoon

Have a cruise trip all over the lagoon around the renowned John Benn or River Cat ferries. Such beautiful cruise trips leave the Waterfront or in the front of Cruise Café cafe, as well as take cruisers along the estuary towards the well known Heads and definitely will provide you with a wonderful and incredibly different viewpoint of Knysna such as Leisure Island, Thesen Islands, Featherbed Nature Reserve, as well as the Eastern and Western Heads.


You will ride a ferry boat over the estuary to Featherbed Nature Reserve, in which a 4 wheel drive brings you to magnificent views across the town’s well-known Heads. Native forests, as well as a plethora of birdlife, also make this town a must-see for nature enthusiasts.

5. Enjoy Knysna's Delicious Oyster and Festival

The Knysna Oyster Festival is perhaps among the most well known yearly activities in the Western Cape.  Also, it is something of a special event for the good life and sport and has now happened annually since 1983, in which it started as the "Knysna Winter Festival" - a blend of sport which attracted individuals to Knysna over the peaceful wintertime.


The Knysna Heads

The charming small town of Knysna is situated 32 kilometers western side of Plettenberg Bay. Around a half hour drive, it is a great trip coming from Plett and Milkwood Manor. Across the road to Knysna, you can find a number of farm booths as well as crafts areas to see. Midway in between Plett and Knysna, you will find the Knysna Elephant Park. You may possibly not know, but the local forest in the region was in the past inhabited by several thousands of Knysna elephants trampling throughout the plants. Unfortunately, there might be as few as a single wild elephant remaining on the forest because of massacres were done in the past centuries. As Plettenberg Bay is recognized for countless shorelines and waves, the wood town of Knysna is divided by the Knysna estuary which leads to the spectacular Knysna Heads, 2 headlands which open up to the sea. Crossing the Heads from the sea is hard because of sea conditions, however when inside of the Heads, the lagoon as well as estuary rest beautiful and serene, enclosed on each side by lovely plant life.


The Knysna Heads are actually a set of two sandstone cliffs which split the Knysna Lagoon through the sea beyond; the renowned landmark across the famous Garden Route. The Knysna Heads is surely the very best identified geological feature in the whole southern area of African shoreline. They flank the deep lagoon mouth that is a probably dangerous route in which the sea flows perfectly into a broad and spectacular lagoon in the mouth of the Knysna River. Two huge towering sites along with their remarkable cliffs shielding the lagoon entry ways from the surging ocean waves. A visit to the Knysna Heads is definitely an amazing experience for all those first-time tourists to Knysna.

They are simply divided into two headlands. The East Head is inhabited by magnificent houses, with the scenery of the town, the Heads as well as the open ocean, and it's also a pleasant easy walk to look around the East Head. It is best to stop by at the East Head parking zone to get a drink or perhaps a bite to nibble on, it’s the absolute right place to unwind and appreciate the landscapes. Surprisingly, the most well-known wreck of the Knysna Heads is the Paquita Wreck that is situated straight in the front of the East Head parking zone. Over a clear day, it's possible to even make out the outline of the particular wreck and it's also a well-known spot both for divers and snorkellers. Bear in mind, though, that the ocean currents in the Knysna Heads could be dangerous and it's recommended to just dive once the currents are light and gentle. The eastern head is well accessible by vehicle and it has a lot of magnificent views overlooking the water channel, Indian Ocean, the Knysna Lagoon as well as the estuary, and also the Outeniqua Mountains. As a matter of fact, it was actually due to its exceptional lookout which the National Sea Rescue Institute (Station 12, Knysna) made a decision to construct its observation room there.


The West Head is nearly completely unpopulated and it is a privately-owned natural reserve, called Featherbed. It is just reachable by ferry boat and tourists are ferried over for guided strolls around the reserve. You will find four-hour excursions into the reserve departing from the Knysna Waterfront every day.

Knysna is really a captivating, enchanting small town which will provide tourists many different activities and cafes and makes a perfect excursion for tourists to Plettenberg Bay.

A Visit to Knysna Elephant Park

IMG_3389 - CopyThe Knysna Elephant Park was the very first center in South Africa to accommodate and look after orphaned African elephants. It is now a world-class center, looked after and raised over 40 elephants. Such animals consist of transferred animals, orphaned calves, elephants saved from culls as well as ex-circus animals. A few are becoming a portion of the resident herd, some others have transferred into some other reserves and centers around the Western and Eastern Cape, according to their personalities, relationships with many other animals as well as health needs.

The Knysna Elephant Park, that is where you can find a huge herd of African elephants, embraces thousands of tourists each year. Located midway in between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, the facility provides the unique chance to get in close proximity to such giant animals.

African elephants are classified as the biggest land animals on earth and it's only if you stand beside them which you understand precisely how massive they are. Animal enthusiasts could have this experience by going to the Knysna Elephant Park and getting one of their holiday tours.

These animals, which usually weigh up over 4 tons and stand 4 meters tall once become the adult, could reach 70 years. These are only a few of the information you'll get by going to the Knysna Elephant Park, a haven for all those whose habitat is lost because of human involvement.

African Elephants can be found all over South Africa in protected parks like the Kruger National Park. To see these creatures in the wild during your stay in South Africa think about visiting one of these Kruger Park Camps or Nelspruit Lodges.


In the Knysna Elephant Park, tourists also are given the chance to ride an elephant, something you will never forget.

Tourists having an elephant experience will likely be shown a video detailing information about elephants and the way to safely come in contact with them. Safety guidelines include to not get in between the mothers and their calves, to not surprise the elephants, and also to not bend over at their front because they can misunderstand this as being a challenge or danger.

The moment the briefing is done, visitors are taken into a vehicle going to the elephants' feeding spot within a large, open field. The elephants here are gathered together right behind a corrugated barrier in which tourists could feed them safely.

Additionally, there is the chance to stand beside the elephants for pictures. The animals are being tamed and can be handled.

The guides in the Knysna Elephant Park are very welcoming and well-informed, a lot of them have worked with elephants for quite some time.

The elephants consume up to 200 kilograms of grass, trees, and crops daily, even eating properly during the night time. Looking at how much branches laid out on the elephant enclosure for a night time snack, is surely an experience by itself.



The Knysna Elephant Park can be found near the N2, 22 kilometers coming from Knysna and 9 kilometers coming from Plettenberg Bay. It's visibly sign-posted.


The Knysna Elephant Park is open all throughout the year.


Plettenberg Bay hosts many of the most well-known holiday beaches around South Africa, while Knysna comes with a wide selection of adventure activities, boat cruises as well as comfortable accommodations.


All of the rates are seen on the site. A tour is R235 for each adult and R100 for each kid while an elephant-back ride will cost you R885 every adult and R425 every child (in between 6 and 12). Rides aren't ideal for kids below 6.


Accommodation is provided at the Knysna Elephant Park. Visitors could even stay in a room which looks over the elephant enclosure.


You can find a restaurant in the Knysna Elephant Park, that provides a number of lunch choices.


The Knysna Oyster Festival

The Knysna Oyster Festival is most likely among the most well known yearly events on the Western Cape. Also, it is a social gathering of the good life and sport and it has happened yearly since the time of 1983, in which it started as the Knysna Winter Festival - a mix of sports activity which attracted visitors to Knysna during the peaceful winter months.

1263314911_offer_Where2stay-southAfrica Oyster Festival KnysnaAdvertised as being the "Best Ten Days of The Winter", the Knysna Oyster festival is extended around 2 weekends which promise continuous exciting and activities for the entire family. Making certain you and your folks the very best ten days of winter in South Africa, the Festival happens on the Garden Route city of Knysna.

Bringing in over 65,000 sporting fanatics, family members, food, and wine addicts, as well as adrenalin lovers. The festival delivers something for all from bicycling, running, playing golf, bowling as well as adventure race to whiskey and wine samplings, food and wine combinations, cooking contests, live music, gala nights, a customized children’s party and definitely the oysters!

The spotlight of the celebration is "The Big 5 Challenge" by which opponents are set to the supreme test taking part in 5 intense activities all through the festival. Included in this are the some Road Race activities.

While fathers and mothers are enjoying the nature’s park, children enjoy a smorgasbord of activities to make them entertained.

p5pb12215460During the entire ten days of the festival kids of any age may participate in biking contests, dancing, songs and drama courses to be lively. To get a more artistic, you can find craft and art lessons, sand art training courses as well as fun cooking sessions to ensure that they're delighted. Things to do also include puppetry making training courses, puppet programs, drama training courses as well as dress up and face-painting sessions. And lastly, remember the very reason behind the festival - the oysters! With more than 200,000 oysters shucked, dressed and consumed throughout the festival. It's ten days of real oyster pleasure.

The Pick n Pay Oyster, as well as Wine Mardi Gras, draws together leading restaurants in the greater Knysna region asking them to produce the best oyster recipe that visitors are able to test in the cooking event of the festival.

Various other cooking and wine events range from the Wade Bales Wine festival hosted on Pezula Private Estate, to Whiskey and Jazz around the Paddle Cruiser, and to the Tabasco Oyster Eating contest. With well over a hundred activities, there will be something for all of us in every year’s festival.

Having said that, the actors of the event are unquestionably the oysters, dished up naked, grilled or garnished at more than 30 local Tabasco Hotspots through the entire festival. Therefore pick your activity, load up your family and book to participate in SA’s winter holiday vacation spot to make sure that you don’t miss out anything.

In order to prevent frustration, you need to book your accommodation well ahead of time for this well-known event. Search for Knysna Accommodation in Google to discover Guest Houses, Hotels as well as Self Catering Accommodation and also for additional information regarding Knysna such as tourist attractions as well as Things you can do in Knysna.

Some of the best-known activities of the event include:

  • The Oyster Festival Dog Show
  • A Township tours
  • Pick n Pay Oyster Festival Football Competition
  • The Protea Knysna Quays Waitron Race
  • The Lazer Quest for kids
  • The Golf Digest Bell’s Knysna Classic Day
  • The Scottish Leader Bowls Tournament
  • Athletics Fun Run
  • Disabled Fun Event.

The Art Galleries Of Knysna

South Africa hosts a number of amazing galleries which provides tourists a plentiful artistic feast. Galleries display much different artwork which ranges from traditional African art to more modern and innovative designs utilizing a number of media.

Drawn by the area’s inspiring splendor, Knysna has a large number of resident artists, craftsmen as well as music artists and their arts is visible throughout the town.transmutation4

Noted for its vibrant cultural and ethnic diversity, and also its particular complicated history, Knysna is really a hotbed of artists and art galleries combining western and traditional African effects. Have a look at the country’s leading contemporary museums and galleries.

Knysna Fine Art Gallery

The Knysna Fine Art Gallery can be found in Knysna around the Western Cape, South Africa.

The Gallery is recognized as one of the best galleries around South Africa. The master, Trent Read, the older son of the late Everard Read is the 5th generation of the family to become an art dealer. Trent was working at Christies in London for quite a while and was able to manage an art gallery in Texas, but the majority of his career has been devoted being the Director of the Everard Read Gallery in Johannesburg.

The Art gallery focuses on modern South African artwork, though many global fine artists are displayed. Doing work tightly with collectors and vendors, the art gallery sales involves major works coming from Lucas Sithole, Gerard Sekoto, Robert Hodgins, J.H. Pierneef, and Gerard Sekoto.

The Gallery is found at Thesen House and it is an attractive environment to work on. Just lately the Gallery opened up another location on the similar building, “A Different Drummer”, that manages the ceramics, objects de vertu, photos as well as fine tribal items.

The Knysna Art Studio and Gallery

Knysna Art Studio and Gallery can be found on Memorial Square, Main Road , Knysna, Western Cape.This particular artwork studio specializes in authentic art, locally found, and also works coming from another country. Typical displays, and also visibility for novice artists, places the Knysna Art Studio and Gallery the main thing on the artistic picture in the region. The framing services are also available.

The Knysna Art Studio and Gallery is 2 kilometers coming from the center of Knysna , the closest airport is the George Airport, 72 kilometers away and you could find numerous accommodation close to the gallery.

Old Gaol Gallery

The Knysna Old Gaol Art Gallery began and is operated by the Knysna Arts & Crafts Society - a non-profit organization. The goal powering the gallery is to offer local artists a chance to exhibit the work they do, a whole new display exhibits for every 2 to 4 weeks.

The actual museum is actually a nice complex in a mid-19th-century building which was once the gaol. You can find a gallery exhibiting local art, an exhibition about the Knysna elephants as well as a local community art project. Near Queen Street, with the same opening hours can be found the Millwood House -  a small complex of museums showing Knysna’s history. It is a stylish set of buildings way back to the town’s flourishing wood period. This is actually the primary emphasis of the museum, although it also stores facts about Knysna’s participation in the Anglo-Boer War and information on the town’s originator George Rex.

Dale Elliott Art Gallery

Dale and Mel Elliott, an exclusive father/son skilled artist combo display their original artworks on their shop gallery around The Knysna Mall. Their particular skills expand from as long ago as 4 generations as Dale’s dad Leslie and grandma, Emily Horne, were artists as well.

The Elliott’s deal with a wide array of subject theme with regards to painting’ in several mediums, designs, and disciplines. You can see traditional scenery views, architectural views, seascapes, figure studies, and wild animals whenever going to the Dale Elliott Art Gallery.

Dale and Mel’s work is present in a lot of privately owned art collections all over the world because they have painted and sold many hundreds of their paintings throughout the years. They've got a selection of products on their store from authentic artwork to a detailed print collection which is of a high standard, cheap as well as reasonably priced.


Tsitsikamma Zip Line Tours

You can find a lot of new ways to experience the splendor and beauty of the Garden Route as well as Tsitsikamma, and zip lining waterfalls in freefall crossing the black waters of the river underneath is definitely a unique adventure.


Located 8 kilometers from the Storms River Bridge over the N2, Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure Park provides breathtaking Zipline experience glides all over the Kruis River. Tsitsikamma is renowned because of its adventure activities and some of the locations that offer adrenalin-filled fun will be full of a variety of languages. The zip line tour on Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures continues to be a popular choice for all ages.

Simply imagine a zip line tour as a modern foil slide. Then again, it's a lot faster, safer, lengthier and much more frightening compared to the old wire-across-the-river-and-jump-before-you-hit-the-pole kind of fun! Luckily for us, the people at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures put your safety above anything else, thus you'll wear a harness as well as the helmet.

An experienced, very helpful and skilled guide can also be available to make sure you enjoy yourself while staying safe - or else the majority of us wouldn't recognize how to operate the various harness clasps, clips, locks, loops as well as straps.ziplining

The zip line is composed of 8 slides, which the longest is about 211 meters. You could glide on cables across the river gorge, up to 50 meters over the water in certain areas. Every segment offers its very own excitement, experience, wonders and wonderful scenery over native Tsitsikamma wildlife and plants. Users are able to regulate the speed of their own descent, letting them stop in the middle cable to capture a few of the amazing scenery on top of the waterfalls. The guides give fascinating remarks regarding the spot as clients cross the waterfalls and gorge.

You will find there's a suspension bridge around a number of the deepest water, which can be an incredible 20 meters deep in some areas. Traversing across the swaying bridge is, by itself, thrilling, but more so offering spectacular scenery within a slow speed. You can also have a chance to talk to the guides and inquire them some questions. They are fully aware of the great spots of this region and are, therefore, can definitely contribute a lot of information about your Tsitsikamma experience.


The region along river banks are filled with local trees such as yellowwoods. The Sundew plant(Drosera), a type of carnivorous plant can be found also here. Birds are plentiful as well as the incredibly elusive Knysna Loerie is spotted very often. Dassies(Rock rabbits) are also in existence. The views shifts while you zip along and it is incredible and covered with witelspeak simply 5 kilometers to the north-east. Witelspeak is dominating around the Tsitsikamma mountain range which is towards the north.

As soon as you arrive at the 8th ride, you're more comfortable and much less thrilling and could only watch the beautiful views and make use of the camera to capture the grand landscape of the valley.


The guides, of course, have their own camera which can be provided to you (with a fee) of your very own zip lining tour and could even put it on a DVD.  The guides are aware of photo opportunities, making sure that they catch the very best portions of your experience as being a happy memory.

Tsitsikamma Adventures also features abseiling, that is a drop of 36 meters right into a scenic fern cove down below. Both of these experiences could be bundled within a package option for all those seeking to check their limitations and have their adrenalin pumping.

You're in the most lovely regions of South Africa so as you speed above the air always remember to view the surroundings, hear the cry of the Fish Eagle and watch out for the elusive Knysna Lourie among the treetops.


Storms River Tubing Tours

South Africa is rich in rivers, lakes, dams not to mention the amazing Indian Ocean that offers a great site for many enjoyable South African tubing.


Basically, tubing is a fun activity of resting over a huge tube and drifting along the water current. Then again tubing has actually been modified and improved to fulfill those people in search of much more pleasure. Today, South African tubing activities may include getting pulled by a jet ski or even a speed boat, or perhaps down river rapids.

The stunning South African waters, as well as landscapes, lead to the most wonderful tubing experiences. Try tubing around the Western Cape and feel the magical mountains such as the well known Table Mountain, thriving Cape Winelands, and rich woodlands. Over the gorgeous South African Garden Route, you can reach Knysna - the place to find a smorgasbord of lakes, estuaries as well as rivers providing spectacular views.

No matter whether you want to relax floating and bathing in the sun's rays while appreciating the spectacular view or having an exciting tubing experience tied up at the rear of a jet ski, Knysna has huge water ideal for any tubing activities. A quick travel from Knysna will take you to Storms River - an exceptionally gorgeous location offering rich woodlands, stunning mountain ranges as well as great wildlife. The Storms River Gorge is the place where tubing, as well as aquatic sports enthusiasts, get together to experience the thrilling adventures available.

618-tubing-1One great example is the Blackwater Tubing - the one of a kind water adventure provides the complete heap of fun, and it is the ideal way to discover the superb views of the Tsitsikamma. The adventure on one man inflatable water river tubes happens around the Storms River within the Plaatbos Nature reserve and Tsitsikamma National Park. This unique river adventure is just one of the fun-filled hours of swimming, paddling, beautiful and unique nature views as well as recommended rock and tube leaps as much as 8 meters high.

A day of tubing begins by having a 7 am orientation and then concludes at around 12 pm - a meal is given at 1 pm. Your tubing adventure will definitely vary from a kloofing experience to whitewater river tubing, of course depending on the water level of the river, so prepare yourself!

The stunning Bushmans River around KwaZulu-Natal has also opened up itself into great river tubing escapades. On the summertime, the river has got ample water for extraordinary river tubing. Drift along with family and friends over the amazing Moor Park seeing the plentiful wild animals and bird life while getting revitalized by the soothing waters. You can have a stop around the banks of the Bushmans River to get a delicious and necessary picnic.

There are other tubing locations such as The Umkomaas, Mooi, Umzimkulu, Thukela, Umgeni, Buffalo and Pongola rivers that all flow along the KwaZulu-Natal coming from the top Drakensberg Mountains into the ocean offering fascinating tubing ventures.


The spectacular lakes of Maputaland, Lake Sibaya, Lake St Lucia as well as the Kosi system make it possible for people who want to experience tubing to be with wildlife just like crocodile and hippo. You can also find a lot of dams around Zululand, several of which can be found in nature reserves along with outdoor camping and lodging services. The Drakensberg as well offers beautiful landscapes of mountain ranges as well as spectacular waterfalls and so you could really enjoy electrifying tubing adventures.

Tubing in Knysna can provide an enjoyable and exciting time with family and friends. Come up with a summer getaway and take pleasure in great tubing adventures across the spectacular rivers and lakes around South Africa.


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